St Werburgh's Warbstow

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Warbstow Parish

The village of Warbstow clusters beneath the slopes of one of the most dramatic hill forts in Cornwall, Warbstow Bury.  The Iron Age Bury, with its ramparts and ditches, is well worth a visit in its own right, commanding as it does suburb views out tothe Cornish coast and as far off as Dartmoor. It is a place where little imagination is needed to feel thousands of years of history come alive and to stand on Warbstow Bury on a summer morning as the sun rises, with the mist lifting to reveal the valleys, villages and hamlets, is a magical experience.

St Werburgh's, Warbstow

St Werburh's, WarbstowJust as the Bury commands the surrounding countryside, so the little church of St Wergbugha dominates the village, with its ancient farms and cottages, Victorian school still a focus for the community and modern bungalows. The church to be seen today is the product of the 15th century enthusiasm for rebuilding and reordering and is probably the third place of worship to stand on the site. It was an extension and alteration of the modest Norman church which it incorporates and that replaced a Saxon building. The church inside is very simple and it is easy to see its development from the Norman building which the 15th century builders enlarged. The Norman church had a cruciform layout (shaped like a cross) which was a typical 12th century development from the earlier simple nave and chancel. In the 15th century the north transcept (nearest the door) was enlarged to make the present north aisle. The south transcept was removed in 1861. The 50ft tower was added in the 15th century.