Meet and Eat


A number of years ago when the monthly lunches at the Green Inn for senior members of the community finished a group of people suggested that they would like this to continue in another venue. For several years the group met at the Rectory and in the Benefice Meetings room then transferred to the Parish Hall as numbers increased. 

The group meets in Week St Mary but everyone from the Benefice is welcome.

The group gives an opportunity for people to Meet and Eat sharing a lunch of delicious home made soups and desserts in a warm and friendly environment breaking down isolation for just £4 per meal.
During the five years we have been meeting we have donated over £2000 of surplus funds to a number of local charities including: Stratton Hospital, Huntingdons Society, Week St Mary Parish Hall, Holsworthy Hospital, NDDH Chemotherapy Unit, Longhouse Appeal at Holsworthy Hospital, 
Children's Hospice South West and the Robert Johns Leukaemia Fund.
The group welcomes people of all ages who wish to join them and meets on the first Monday of each month from 12-30pm.
Sue Dickenson.