You will find this Welcome notice in all of our churches, it shows our combined commitment to being open and inclusive to all

This is an Open and Inclusive Church 

which means that

• you are welcome whatever your beliefs, even if you find organised religion irrelevant.
• you are welcome whatever your lifestyle or sexuality.
• you are welcome wherever you may be on your faith journey: 
believer or agnostic, conventional Christian or questioning sceptic. 
• you are welcome as an equal partner, and we look forward to the ideas and experiences that you can bring.
• we welcome the variety of ways in which human beings have explored the sacred, and have no wish to promote just one approach to Christianity. 
• we think that the way we treat one another is at least as important as the beliefs we hold.
• we think that it is vital to take seriously the intellectual problems which many people have with Christianity, and encourage ways of understanding religion which feed the mind as well as the soul.
• we think that religion must be concerned with injustice and suffering, and see ourselves as a community helping to build a better world, bringing hope to those Jesus called the least of his sisters and brothers.
• we recognise that our ignorance is always going to exceed our understanding, and find more grace in the search for meaning than in the claim to certainty.
• we recognise that our faith entails costly discipleship and conscientious resistance of evil, as has always been the tradition of the Church.